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HONOR Care - Screen Protection

Provide an extra layer of protection for your screen

* Under normal use of the terminal product, if the screen is damaged or cracked due to accidental collision, accidental fall, or accidental extrusion, you can enjoy a one-time screen repair service, free of spare parts fee, only service fee (service fee will be 102.8AED).

How to avail this service

When the screen of your HONOR product is accidentally damaged or cracked during the validity period of the HONOR screen damage protection service, you can choose on-site repair service or postal repair service.


1. How to enquire the HONOR screen damage protection service benefit?

Hello, you can enquire on the HONOR official website: or you can call the HONOR customer service hotline 80004444408.

2. My mobile's screen is broken, how do I apply for service?

Hello, you can go to any HONOR authorized service center in UAE for repairing or use free postal repair service for repairing.

3. Can the product still enjoy the manufacturer's warranty after repairing with the screen damage protection service?

Hello, if the screen is damaged and there are no other faults, you can continue to enjoy the remaining warranty period; if the product is privately disassembled, repaired, liquidized, bent, or deformed, you cannot continue to enjoy the original factory warranty.

4. What is the validity for our HONOR screen damage protection service and how is it calculated?

Hello, starting from the day you purchase the HONOR Screen Damage Protection Service (according to the purchase invoice), it will naturally terminate at 24:00 on the expiration date(one year/six month/three month, subject to the actual valid period).

5. Can I enjoy service activity discounts when using HONOR Screen damage protection Service?

Our HONOR Screen damage protection Service does not cover any other discount.

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