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honor 10 i

  • Beautiful smartphone, i like honor 10i the price is good and specs i just did pre-order

by hasan
on 4/16/2019


  • i like this smartphone

by David
on 4/16/2019

honor 10i best smartphone

  • Love the colors of this phone and the 32MP Beauty Selfie camera quality is great. best dual sim smartphone in Dubai

by Usman
on 4/17/2019

Honor 10i best selfie smartphone

  • Blue 3d color of the phone is really eye catching and triple camera is an amazing best and cheap smartphone in the market with the best quality

by Sara
on 4/17/2019

Wifi band

  • Is wifi 5ghz supported or not and how much rem 4Gb or 6Gb

by Muhammed Raheel
on 4/23/2019


Hello Raheel,
Please note that Honor 10i supports 2.4 Ghz only, and 4 GB RAM.

Face Recognition

  • Does Honor 10i has a face recognition feature?

by Samnan
on 4/26/2019


Hello Samnan.
Please note that Honor 10i has Face unlock feature. Let us see your magnificent comments through our official social media pages. Good day.


  • This is looks like an amazing phone, too bad I missed the pre-order and the free band! What is the tik tok gift package anyways?

by anne
on 4/28/2019

Dual sim

  • Dual sim with memory card can ve used or memory card with one sim

by Hi
on 5/24/2019


Thanks for your interest in our products :)
Honor 10i has a dual SIM card slot, you can either use 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM card plus SD card :)


  • honor 10i very good mobile

by Saju
on 5/27/2019


  • Best smartphone ever

by Shaheem
on 6/7/2019
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