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  • Cool phone with classic look

by Jahangeer
on 6/17/2018

by Honor

thank you for your feedback we alwyas look for your satisfaction

Honor 10 ram model

  • I want to know why 6gb ram model not available here

by Zayu
on 10/8/2018

by Honor

Hello Zayu.
Thank you for your message. Due to the marketing strategy, Honor 10 is only available in a 4GB-RAM version. Stay tuned and wait for more.
Have a nice day.

wireless option

  • i want to know does it has feature to be charged on wireless charger?

by Saba
on 8/27/2018

by Honor

Hi Saba,
No wireless charging is not supported in Honor 10

Why is there no headsets with the device ?

  • I can't believe that it doesn't include headsets! Which is the first thing I look for when unboxing a new device!

by Nissma
on 6/16/2018

by Honor

Hi Nissma,

Thank you for choosing Honor. Honor 10 has earphones in the box, we sent your case to our customer service and they will contact you shortly

Honor 10 Youtube Video

  • When I play Live News Channel from youtube the video quality is not clear its text comes blur why. only problem in live channels other videos are ok. please explain

by umar
on 7/29/2018

by Honor

Hello, we are glad to assist you.
Please note that live videos aren't always have the best qualities due to transmitting them through the network. As other videos are okay, so the device doesn't have any faults.
Thank you.


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