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The button doesn't work

  • When I connect it to my mobile, the button is doing zoom in in the camera only and couldn't take pictures. I have tried with another model but the same result. Please support.

by Bassam
on 8/1/2016


Kindly, Could you help to check Headphone Jack\cable which is connected between cell-phone and selfie-stick and please try to press and hold trigger to capture photo as only one press trigger is doing zoom the camera

Also,Before installing a new camera application ,please check Camera setting first as following:

Open up the camera application, tap on the gear/settings icon and look through the settings menu for anything that references a trigger or volume key. If your Android phone has the setting in question it should be found under setting like “Volume Key – Take Pictures” or “Volume Keys” where you can tap and select an option (such as trigger, zoom, or flash).


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