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HONOR is a trendsetting tech brand for global youth. HONOR strives to create stylish, high-performance products with cutting-edge design for young people everywhere. In 2013, HONOR was born in the Mobile Internet era, to meet the needs of the youth generation.

In the past 5 years, the brand has seen explosive growth, with unrivaled results in China and around the world, becoming the No. 1 E-brand smartphone in China. This success are the results of HONOR’s insistence to develop products with breakthrough technologies that are ahead of the industry, by innovating product features such as the first AI smartphone in 2016, and also maintaining the highest standards on cutting edge product design and by exploring the endless possibilities of technology and aesthetics.

With the fast changing world and the youth generation, HONOR has also moved forward to the next era. Our new mission is to create an intelligent new world that belongs to young people. With the new face of moving colors, HONOR expresses the bright, colorful, dynamic, diverse elements of life. In line with its new slogan ‘HONOR my world’, HONOR is building a youth community through not only connecting technology, but also the value we shared with today’s youth, the individuality to be the master of their own destiny and the good will to make the world a better place, so we can all be a part of the world’s community empowered by connected technology.

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HONOR View20 launch & HONOR brand update announced.

22nd January 2019

HONOR 10 Lite launched with 24MP AI Front Camera for the Perfect Selfie

14th December 2018

HONOR Unveiled Three World-First Technologies

The 48 mega pixel rear camera, the HONOR All-View Display and the Link Turbo.

10th December 2018

HONOR Play Named “Best of IFA 2018” by Global Top-Tier Media

HONOR won a series of awards at IFA 2018 for the “Crazy Fast, Crazy Smart” HONOR Play. HONOR’s first-ever flagship gaming device was praised for its GPU Turbo and smart features, including the AI-powered vibration and 6.3-inch notch screen for an improved gaming experience.

5th September 2018

HONOR 10 named ‘EISA Lifestyle Smartphone 2018 – 2019’

HONOR won the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) award for the ‘EISA Lifestyle Smartphone 2018 – 2019’. EISA praised the HONOR 10 as “a perfect fit for even the most demanding younger user”.

15th August 2018

HONOR Play launched

HONOR Play was unveiled in Beijing, with innovative GPU Turbo tech and 4D gaming experience.

6th June 2018

HONOR 10 was launched

HONOR 10, the color-changing and AI photography smartphone launched in Shanghai in April and London in the following month.

19th April 2018

Top5 Smartphone Brand Worldwide

Gained over 100% growth in overseas markets, HONOR achieved overwhelming results and becomes Top 5 smartphone brand worldwide.

31st March 2018

HONOR View10 won 10 awards of “Best Smartphone of CES2018”

17th January 2018

HONOR leads the AI lifestyle

Striving for multi-dimensional growth, HONOR stood at a global height, at the same time strived to be rooted in the local cultures of wherever it has a presence.
HONOR pledged to reach industry's Top 5 within the next three years

1st January 2018

Launched revolutionary AI smartphone technology

Largest market share among China's smartphone e-brands

31st December 2017

HONOR View10 was launched

HONOR View10 was launched, leading and speeding the AI revolution for smartphones

28th November 2017

HONOR 9 Global Shipments Hit One Million Mark

12th July 2017

Winner on "618 Shopping Festival"

The first day of China's "618 Shopping Festival" witnessed HONOR phones topping both sales volume and revenue on Tmall and (China's two most popular online shopping platforms).

1st June 2017

HONOR 6X Received Ten Media Awards at International CES 2017

7th January 2017

Celebrated Third-year Anniversary with Magic

HONOR Magic, the world's first smartphone with artificial intelligence capabilities, was launched.

12th December 2016

Winner on “Double 11”, China largest online shopping day

No.1 sales revenue on and Tmall on “Double 11”.
HONOR 6X became the best-selling Android phone and budget phone across all online selling platforms. annual sales volume and 91% brand satisfaction in the industry.

11th November 2016

HONOR 8 sets Guinness World Record for highest altitude smartphone livestream.

The highest altitude smartphone livestream is 18.42km(11.45 mi) and was achieved by Huawei(Sweden) using an HONOR 8 smartphone launched from the SSC Esrange Space Center near Kiruna, Sweden.

5th September 2016

2015 HONOR summary

HONOR grew up to be an international brand recognized by 74 countries and regions with 60 billion USD revenue.

31st August 2016

Winner in “April 8 Global Sales Festival”

No.1 sales volume in China’s Suning online and retail stores, No.1 sales value in Android smart phone during “April 8 Global Sales Festival”.

8th April 2016

HONOR 4C was launched

HONOR 4C became the most popular budget phone just after its launch, selling 6,000 units in just 3 minutes during China’s “618 Shopping Festival”.

30th April 2015

HONOR takes the lead

Became the leading global smartphone e-brand. Products and services available in 74 countries with global 6 billion USD sales revenue and 40 million shipments

1st January 2015

HONOR expanded internationally

- Sales revenue jumped from 100 million to 2 billion USD
- 20 million shipments
- Products and services available in 57 countries and markets
- Over 7 million fans worldwide

31st December 2014

HONOR 6 Plus was launched

On the brand's one-year anniversary, the HONOR 6 Plus was launched with its industry-first bionic parallel dual-lens camera.

16th December 2014

HONOR revealed its motto "For the Brave"

HONOR revealed the HONOR 6, the world's fastest 4G CAT6 mobile phone, together with its motto “For the Brave”.

25th June 2014

HONOR was founded

The HONOR brand was established, marking the beginning of HONOR’s independent operations.

16th December 2013
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Recognised as one of the Top 5 brands in the UK (based on sales volume).

Gained over 400% market share in the past year.

31st Dec 2018

HONOR ranked as the #1 most popular sim-free smartphone for 3 months consecutively.

23rd Nov 2018

Top 5 Smartphone Brand Worldwide

Gained over 100% growth in overseas markets, HONOR achieved overwhelming results and becomes Top 5 smartphone brand worldwide.

31st March 2018

HONOR 9 Global Shipments Hit One Million Mark

HONOR 9, HONOR’s latest flagship model, has propelled HONOR to new heights. Since its debut in China 28 days ago and only two weeks into its global launch in Berlin, more than one million units of the HONOR 9 have been shipped worldwide.

12th July 2017

2015 HONOR summary

HONOR grew up to be an international brand recognized by 74 countries and regions with 60 billion USD annual sales volume and 91% brand satisfaction in the industry.

31st August 2016

HONOR takes the lead

Became the leading global smartphone e-brand Products and services available in 74 countries and markets 6 billion USD sales revenue and 40 million shipments

1st January 2015

HONOR expanded internationally

-Sales revenue jumped from 100 million to 2 billion USD
-20 million shipments
-Products and services available in 57 countries and markets
-Over 7 million fans worldwide

31st December 2014

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HONOR CLUB held our first fans party in Warsaw, Poland on September 15th 2018.
Fans from different regions come together to experience the HONOR phones , including HONOR Note 10 that is only available in China.
In the fun interactive game, everyone knows more people, and also wins HONOR phone and other wonderful prizes.
We are not just fans, but also a family.

The HONOR first-ever Fan fest event in India

HONOR celebrated it’s first-ever Fan Fest in India on 16th October 2018 at Hyatt Regency in New Delhi. The HONOR Fan Fest was attended by more than 400 loyal fans at their first big offline party. Through the large scale gathering, HONOR shared its thanks to all fan for their support and further promoted and popularized its HONOR Club, an official community forum organized for users, fans and followers to come together and share ideas, knowledge and experience about HONOR. The HONOR Club also gives an opportunity to catch up on HONOR news and information, enter exciting contests, attend events and early access to upcoming HONOR devices.

Spain Fans Club: Enjoy Music with HONOR!

The super popular Spanish music band Taburete announced their new album with HONOR Fans in Madrid on 13th September, 2018. Thousands of fans jointly got the early access to Taburete’s new songs with HONOR 10. HONOR Spain Fans Club is always willing to support the talented, creative and active young people. Tonight, we are young; HONOR, for the brave.


HONOR held the fans activities in Prague from 9th to 11th October and invited these fans to attend HONOR Launch Event in Prague.
Fans from Europe, China and South America came together to attend interesting HONOR fans activities such as Cruising by HONOR Train, HONOR Photography Course and HONOR Design Course. All fans got the chances to experience the new HONOR 8X before launched in Prague and witnessed the HONOR 8X being launched in the Prague Castle. Every fan was deeply excited about these great experiences and happy to meet HONOR fans from all around the world who love the same brand.
HONOR is not just a brand, but also the bridge connecting all Youngers in the world.

HONOR Malaysia Campus Tour

HONOR Malaysia started its first stop of Campus Tour in June of 2018. From June to September, 2018, HONOR Malaysia kept going on campus tour to bring fresh experience to young generations with its young ideas and stylish products. So far we’ve been to Asia Pacific University, Taylor’s University, Multimedia University and Universiti Teknologi MARA. We have attracted more than 1000 university students to join HONOR CLUB Malaysia, offered them splendid gaming and photographing experience with HONOR phones and had good communication with them. HONOR Malaysia is always happy to meet young and new friends and surely will keep going further on our Campus Tour!

HONOR Malaysia Fan Fest

HONOR Malaysia held the very first HONOR Fan fest in Kuala Lumpur on 21st September 2018. Attended by over 250 loyal fans, the first-ever HONOR Fan Fest generated more than 500 social media posts. It is a pure fans rewarding party that shows HONOR Malaysia’s appreciation for fans’ support and love all along. HONOR Malaysia offered the most magnificent venue with most exquisite decoration, invited plenty of celebrities such as Hunny Madu, Altimet and Nabila Razali and gave away plenty of prizes for this fan fest, just to give HONOR Malaysian fans an enjoyable and memorable evening of all time. HONOR, the brand that cares about fans with actions.

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HONOR has joined forces with iconic Italian luxury fashion brand MOSCHINO to create a range of exclusive smartphones for those who want cutting-edge tech and bold fashion in one complete package.


Unlock an Amazing Gaming Experience

HONOR has teamed up with Fortnite to offer the HONOR Guard outfit to HONOR View20 owners. Grab your HONOR View20 for an amazing Fortnite experience, longer sessions with the 4000mAh battery capacity, and own one of the only few phones that play in 60fps gameplay!


Amazing gaming experiences for HONOR fans

HONOR worked closely with PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s best tactical tournament games developed by Tencent and PUBG Corp., to co-create amazing gaming experiences for HONOR fans globally.

HONOR Play | Audi

The Spirit of Speed & Performance

To celebrate the arrival of HONOR Play, the smartphone e-brandworked with Audi in the shared spirit of speed and performance. Both Audi and HONOR root their vision in technology, allowing Audi to lead in the racing world and HONOR to lead in mobile innovation.