With its beautiful design and an astonishing 12 MP dual-camera, the Honor 8 is a must-have for today’s life. Take captivating images, demonstrate style and focus on what really matters. No wonder these six models have chosen the Honor 8 as their dearest companion: It fits their jet set lifestyle. Day or night, it helps capturing the best shots at work and on the go. Take an intimate look behind the scenes of the journey these six aspiring models have departed on.

Emilia Winter

Call me Kitty. I love blonde guys, red roses and ice cream!!! I think I am from Mars or Saturn and want to move to Berlin as soon as possible.

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Eugenie Boulot

My family and I used to travel a lot. I love to see the world and discover new cultures. I aspire to walk for labels like Chanel, Dior, Céline or Hermès.

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Jana Julius

Fashion is my passion – I am really into it. I love the thrill, searching for new styles. Did you know that second-hand shops are filled with affordable treasures?!

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Hemen Belachew

My style mixes classy, elegant and sporty elements. I love listening to Hip Hop music and watching Sherlock. Had the chance to walk for labels like Samuel Sohebi and Chilli Bang Bang.

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I love fashion, but also spent a lot of time with drawing. I travel a lot and share all my experiences on Instagram to keep everybody posted on what I’ve been up to.

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I love to travel – modeling gives me the opportunity to travel even more. I particularly like the night time, when cities transform and look so different.

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